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Wedding cake

Wedding cakes are elaborate constructions, each standing for a particular marriage and each used in the wedding that establishes it. The link between cake and wedding, the distinctiveness of its form, its derived uses, and the meanings attached to it have all been most complexly and influentially developed in the English-speaking world.

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Wedding cake

royal icing

Weddings; Wedding cake

An icing made of confectioners' sugar, egg whites and a few drops of lemon juice. It hardens when dry, making it a favorite for durable decorations (such as flowers and leaves) and ornamental ...

raised tiers

Weddings; Wedding cake

Layers are separated by columns to make the cake appear taller. Solid Cake layers are held together with icing as opposed to filling.


Weddings; Wedding cake

Almond paste mixed with egg white and sugar used for sculpting.

chocolate ganache

Weddings; Wedding cake

A thick, delectable icing made of chocolate and heavy cream.

butter cream icing

Weddings; Wedding cake

The classic icing, made of butter, confectionery sugar and milk. It is inexpensive and versatile in texture.

centerpiece cake

Weddings; Wedding cake

A specialty cake that takes the place of flowers as your table decorations.

back-up cake

Weddings; Wedding cake

An undecorated sheet cake of the same flavor as your wedding cake, kept in the kitchen and used to serve a very large guest list after your display cake is used up.

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