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Wedding cake

Wedding cakes are elaborate constructions, each standing for a particular marriage and each used in the wedding that establishes it. The link between cake and wedding, the distinctiveness of its form, its derived uses, and the meanings attached to it have all been most complexly and influentially developed in the English-speaking world.

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Wedding cake

cake testing

Weddings; Wedding cake

Couples generally choose the flavors for their wedding cake by arranging a cake tasting with the baker. The couple is provided with morsels of different available cakes to sample and choose from.

cake tower

Weddings; Wedding cake

An elaborate cake stand used to display multiple 'satellite' wedding cake layers at the reception.

candy dough

Weddings; Wedding cake

A mixture of confectioners' sugar, water, cream of tartar and tragacanth gum which can be molded like clay and turns hard and brittle as it dries. Often used for cake decorations. Also known as gum ...

caribbean black cake

Weddings; Wedding cake

A rum-laced fruitcake traditionally served at Caribbean weddings. Fruit may be soaked in rum for up to one month before the cake is made.

caster sugar

Weddings; Wedding cake

Refined sugar with grains that are bigger than powdered sugar, but smaller than granulated sugar. Dissolves without lumps.

cheese cake

Weddings; Wedding cake

A mixture of cream cheese, eggs, lemon juice, corn flour, sugar, vanilla and butter or cream poured over a piecrust and baked.

Platinum Cake

Weddings; Wedding cake

Created by Japanese pastry chef Nobue Ikara, this white cake is decked with platinum necklaces, pins, pendants and, for good measure, edible platinum flakes. The creator dedicated the cake to a ...

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