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Wedding cake

Wedding cakes are elaborate constructions, each standing for a particular marriage and each used in the wedding that establishes it. The link between cake and wedding, the distinctiveness of its form, its derived uses, and the meanings attached to it have all been most complexly and influentially developed in the English-speaking world.

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Wedding cake

anniversary cake

Weddings; Wedding cake

A smaller version of the wedding cake to enjoy on your first anniversary.


Weddings; Wedding cake

Tubes placed in-between layers of wedding cake to create a multi-tiered effect with open air in-between each layer of cake. Unlike separators, columns are clearly visible on the decorated cake and ...

pastry bag

Weddings; Wedding cake

A cone-shaped bag with two open ends. The small end is pointed and can be fitted with decorative tips of different sizes and designs.

plastic icing

Weddings; Wedding cake

A thick icing made from granulated and confectioners' sugar, mixed with water, lemon juice, gelatin and butter. May be molded into a variety of forms.

pound cake

Weddings; Wedding cake

A dense cake made from flour, eggs, sugar and shortening. The cake takes its name from a traditional recipe that called for one pound of each ingredient to be mixed in order to make two cakes.

pulled sugar

Weddings; Wedding cake

A sugar syrup that is stretched into thin ribbons and sheets and used to make candy and cake decorations.

almond paste

Weddings; Wedding cake

A sweet, pliable mixture of ground almonds, sugar and sometimes, unbeaten egg whites. It's often tinted with food coloring and molded into a variety of forms. Also known as marzipan.

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