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Wedding cake

Wedding cakes are elaborate constructions, each standing for a particular marriage and each used in the wedding that establishes it. The link between cake and wedding, the distinctiveness of its form, its derived uses, and the meanings attached to it have all been most complexly and influentially developed in the English-speaking world.

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Wedding cake

baked alaska

Weddings; Wedding cake

A sponge cake topped with extremely cold ice cream and coated with meringue. The dessert is baked until the meringue is browned while the ice cream remains cold.


Weddings; Wedding cake

A common cake decoration in which icing is applied to the cake in a woven pattern, similar to a handmade basket. Buttercream and royal icing are often used and the icing is applied using special ...

bavarian cream

Weddings; Wedding cake

A molded cream that is made from custard sauce or sweetened fruit puree bound with gelatin and lightened with whipped cream. Bavarian cream can be served on its own or used as a filling for cold ...

butter cake

Weddings; Wedding cake

A type of cake made from flower, milk, eggs and a significant amount of butter. Characteristically moist and rich.

cake plate

Weddings; Wedding cake

The base used to support each layer of wedding cake, except the bottom one. Also called separator plates.

cake stand

Weddings; Wedding cake

A decorative platter, elevated on legs or some other decorative stand, used to display the wedding cake at the reception.

cake table

Weddings; Wedding cake

The table at the reception on which the wedding cake is displayed. The cake table should be sturdy, level and wide enough to hold the cake, serving set and any intended decorations.

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