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edge, damaged

Metals; Aluminum

Edge of a coil that has been bent, torn, or scraped by an object.


Metals; Aluminum

Deviation from a common center, as, for example, the inner and outer walls of a round tube. The difference between the mean wall thickness and minimum or maximum wall thickness at any one cross ...

electrical conductor aluminum

Metals; Aluminum

An alloy specifically formulated for good electrical conductivity; it is about 99.5 percent aluminum. Typically AA1350 alloy.

electrical discharge machining (EDM)

Metals; Aluminum

A process that utilizes high frequency pulsating DC current in the presence of a dielectric to erode tool steel. The Ram or Plunge EDM process is utilized for burning relief into the back of the die, ...

age hardening

Metals; Aluminum

An aging process that results in increased strength and hardness.


Metals; Aluminum

The precipitation from solid solution resulting in a change in properties of an alloy, usually occurring slowly at room temperature (natural aging) and more rapidly at elevated temperatures ...


Metals; Aluminum

A substance with metallic properties, composed of two or more chemical elements of which at least one is a metal. More specifically, aluminum plus one or more other elements, produced to have certain ...

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