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Materials science

The the study of matter and their applications in various areas of science and engineering.

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air gap

Materials science; Magnetics

The distance between the north and south poles of a magnetic circuit. In conducting pull tests this is the distance between the working surface of the magnet and the testing ...


Materials science; Magnetics

A material that has a preferred direction of magnetic orientation which produces superior magnetic characteristics through a particular axis.

B/H curve

Materials science; Magnetics

The result of plotting the value of the magnetic field (H) that is applied against the resultant flux density (B) achieved. This curve describes the qualities of any magnetic ...

coercive force (HC)

Materials science; Magnetics

The demagnetizing force or intensity of a magnetic field, measured in Oersteds, required to reduce observed induction, B, to zero after the magnet has previously been brought to ...

curie temperature

Materials science; Magnetics

The temperature that a magnetic substance loses its magnetic properties.

demagnetization curve

Materials science; Magnetics

The second quadrant of the hysteresis loop, generally describing the behavior of magnetic characteristics in actual use. Also known as the B-H Curve.

demagnetization force

Materials science; Magnetics

A magnetizing force, typically in the direction opposite to the force used to magnetize it in the first place. Shock, vibration and temperature can also be demagnetizing forces.