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Materials science

The the study of matter and their applications in various areas of science and engineering.

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demagnetizing force

Materials science; Magnetics

A magnetized force applied in a direction that reduces the field in a magnetized material.

dimensional tolerance

Materials science; Magnetics

An allowance, given as a permissible range, in the nominal dimensions of a finished magnet. The purpose of a tolerance is to specify the allowed leeway for imperfections in ...


Materials science; Magnetics

The physical size of a magnet including any plating or coating.


Materials science; Magnetics

A magnet consisting of a solenoid with an iron core, which has a magnetic field only during the time of current flow through the solenoid.

ferromagnetic material

Materials science; Magnetics

A material that either is a source of magnetic flux or a conductor of magnetic flux. Any ferromagnetic material must have some component of iron, nickel, or cobalt.


Materials science; Magnetics

Another term for the magnetic field.


Materials science; Magnetics

The unit of magnetic induction or magnetic flux density used to measure magnetic field strength. (lines of magnetic flux per square centimeter).