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red brick university

Education; Colleges & universities

A red brick university is a term that is used to refer to six universities in the United Kingdom that were founded in major industrial cities in England. In order of receiving the royal charter, they ...

Russell Group

Education; Colleges & universities

The Russell Group is an association of 20 British public research universities. The members receive around two thirds of all university grant and research income available in the United Kingdom. The ...

undergraduate degree

Education; Colleges & universities

A bachelor's degree a student receives upon completion of the required study at a college. A bachelor's degree normally requires a minimum of 60 units of coursework.

undergraduate student

Education; Colleges & universities

A student registered in an undergraduate program leading to a bachelor's degree or an undergraduate diploma.


Education; Colleges & universities

Positive numerical value used in assigning the value of a course.


Education; Colleges & universities

A program which involves a high level of specialization in a discipline and requires 18 or more units in that discipline at the 300 or 400 level.


Education; Colleges & universities

Combining studies and research from different subject areas.

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