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General boating


Boat; General boating

1.Move through water propelled by a paddle or paddles.2. Propel9a canoe,boat,etc.)by means of paddle, paddles;make(one's way etc.) by paddling. Also, transport(a person)by this method.


Boat; General boating

The chief bosun's mate (in the Royal Navy), responsible for discipline.


Boat; General boating

The classification for the largest sailing warships of the 17th through 19th centuries. They had 3 masts, 850+ crew and 100+ guns.


Boat; General boating

The captain of a ship.

captain's daughter

Boat; General boating

The cat o' nine tails, which in principle is only used on board on the captain's (or a court martial's) personal orders.


Boat; General boating

the central deck of a ship between the forecastle and the quarterdeck.


Boat; General boating

The bed of the sea.

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