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Hair style

Hair coloring and cut styles as a fashion practice.

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Hair style

ombre style

Beauty; Hair style

A popular hair coloring style with the ends much lighter than the rest of the hair. Ombre is a French word that literally means shaded. The original ombre style hair coloring involves darkening the ...

a-line bob

Beauty; Hair style

An A-line Bob is a geometric bob with a straight fringe, so called because of the resemblance to the capital A, with its horizontal line, the fringe and its legs the hair passing your ears.


Beauty; Hair style

A cut that does not match on either side — opposite to symmetrical.


Beauty; Hair style

Small bend in the hair i.e. bevel the ends of your hair under or out to create a bob or flicks — created with hair dryer or irons.


Beauty; Hair style

The Bob was invented in the 1920s and became the classic look of the 50s and 60s.


Beauty; Hair style

A chignon is a sophisticated, elegant up style, where long hair is twisted (either in a roll or knot) and pinned from the nape of neck. This style is synonymous with Hollywood and the Oscars, without ...

couture cut

Beauty; Hair style

A couture cut is a high-fashion cut, which is totally exclusive and specifically tailored to your lifestyle and wardrobe.

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