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New media advertising

Any advertising done using cutting edge technology and devices such as the internet, tablet computers and smartphonese etc. New media implies features such as on-demand access to content any time and anywhere, as well as interactive user feedback, creative participation and community formation around the media content, and finally the prospect of the lack of external regulation of such content.

Contributors in New media advertising

New media advertising

brand loyalty

Advertising; Television advertising

The degree to which a customer is loyal to a given brand in that they are likely to re-purchase/re-use in the future. The level of loyalty indicates the degree to which a brand is protected form ...

button ad

Advertising; New media advertising

Button ad is a graphical advertising unit, smaller than a banner ad.


Advertising; New media advertising

The amount of time a user spends at a site over a given time period. Often measured by the minute per month or by the page view

guerilla marketing

Advertising; Television advertising

Unconventional marketing aiming to get maximum results investing minimal resources.

HTML banner

Advertising; New media advertising

A banner ad using HTML elements, often mixing interactive forms with standard graphical elements.

pop-up ad

Advertising; New media advertising

Advertising that displays in a new browser window.

search engine spam

Advertising; New media advertising

The excessive manipulation to influence search engine rankings, often for pages which contain little or no relevant content.

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