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Any food such as a pie or tart whose crust is made of a baked dough or paste consisting primarily of flour, water and shortening.

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cheese straws

Baked goods; Pastries

Crisp pastry strips, baked with cheese. Sometimes the strips are twisted before baking. The cheese straws can also be flavored with cinnamon or citrus for a sweeter taste.

chess pie

Baked goods; Pastries

A simple recipe of eggs, sugar, butter and vanilla, with brown sugar and corn syrup as additional optional ingredients. Chess pie is very sweet and has a cornmeal crust.

cannoli tart

Baked goods; Pastries

A cannoli tart is cannoli cream in a pie crust, topped with a strawberry.

Catherine's pastry

Baked goods; Pastries

Plain, consisting of pastry flour and baking powder (1/2 teaspoon), which creates a flaky texture. Usually used as a base for a cream pie.


Baked goods; Pastries

Sweet or savory filled cream puffs.


Baked goods; Pastries

Of Sicilian origins, cannoli (singular: cannolo) consist of a crunchy, fried dough tube filled with various flavored creams. "Cannolu" means "little tube". Fillings vary from sweetened ricotta, ...


Baked goods; Pastries

Made from phyllo dough, a borek can also be spelled bourek. The pastry can have a variety of fillings: feta and cheese, meat, or vegetables. It can be created as a whole pie or in individual ...

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