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Television advertising

Of or pertaining to any span of television programming (usually called commercial or advert) produced and paid for by an organisation for advertising purposes.

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Television advertising

recall (aided)

Advertising; Television advertising

Consumers are given specific product/service names to prompt a response to a survey.

recall (unaided)

Advertising; Television advertising

Percent of consumers who can cite a product/service name within an advertised category after being queried by a survey.

regional networks

Advertising; Television advertising

Refers to cable TV channels distributed in a regional area that carry a mix of area professional and amateur sports teams, news plus some national programming.

rep firm

Advertising; Television advertising

An outside sales agent contracted by a cable system to manage relationships with certain advertisers, typically those outside of the local system service area.

run of schedule (ROS)

Advertising; Television advertising

Commercials bought at a lower price to be run at any available time at the network's discretion.

scatter buying

Advertising; Television advertising

Marketers purchasing commercial time when the need arises from the unsold inventory at a different cost then the upfront buys. See Upfront.

spot cable

Advertising; Television advertising

Usually refers to commercial schedules placed on local cable systems by national or regional advertisers who often advertise in multiple cable TV markets.

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