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Television advertising

Of or pertaining to any span of television programming (usually called commercial or advert) produced and paid for by an organisation for advertising purposes.

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Television advertising


Advertising; Television advertising

A household or business that legally receives cable and/or pay television service for its own use.


Advertising; Television advertising

A generic term used to describe any broadcast television station that has its station distributed nationally by satellite.


Advertising; Television advertising

Programming services beyond the basic offerings at an additional price increment.


Advertising; Television advertising

The buying of national television advertising time for a full broadcast year, (generally September through August) via one negotiation. Upfront buying usually requires representation throughout all ...


Advertising; Television advertising

Short for Video-on-Demand, an umbrella term for a wide set of technologies and companies whose common goal is to enable individuals to select videos from a central server for viewing on a television.

wired HH's

Advertising; Television advertising

Term to describe those households that subscribe to a cable service.

average revenue per user (ARPU)

Advertising; Television advertising

Average Revenue Per User subscribing to pay-TV services

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