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The process of converting words and sentences from one language into another with the proper grammar and subject matter relevance.

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Language; Translation

A target text where many textual modifications have been made, including modifications for a different audience (cf. version). In Vinay and Darbelnet’s List of translation procedures, adaptation ...


Language; Translation

Techniques for producing correct equivalents and achieving dynamic equivalence in translation.

agent deletion

Language; Translation

The omission in a passive sentence of the noun or noun phrase which follows by, e.g. the reasons outlined (by the writer). Such uses of the grammar can be ideologically motivated.


Language; Translation

The juxtaposition of a source text sentence with its target text equivalent. A tool of corpus linguistics that allows rapid comparison of source text–target text elements.


Language; Translation

The first of three stages constituting the translation process according to Eugene Nida. In this process, we analyze the source message into its simplest and structurally clearest forms, transfer it ...


Language; Translation

The readership of the text.

audiovisual translation

Language; Translation

Translation of any audiovisual medium, such as film, DVD, etc. This typically involves dubbing or subtitling.

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