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International dishes


Food (other); International dishes

Kompeito, also spelled as konpeito, is a Japanese sweet. Its main ingredients are sugar and water. Each piece is quite small, measuring just 5-10mm and covered in tiny bugles, which occur in the ...


Food (other); International dishes

Wagashi is a traditional Japanese confectionary item, which is often served with tea, especially the type of mochi, azuki bean (red bean) paste and fruits.


Food (other); International dishes

Basashi is a Japanese term for raw horse meat served as sashimi. The meat can be dipped in soy sauce with the addition of ginger and onions.


Food (other); International dishes

Tataki (literally "pounded" or "hit into pieces") is a method of preparing fish or meat in Japanese cuisine. The meat or fish is seared over a hot flame or pan, marinated in vinegar, thinly sliced ...

odori ebi

Food (other); International dishes

Odori ebi (literally "dancing shrimp") is a Japanese sashimi dish. The dish contains baby shrimp that are dunked into sake in order to intoxicate it and are then eaten alive, still able to move its ...


Food (other); International dishes

Ikizukuri is the preparation of sashimi made from live seafood. The most popular animal is fish, though octopus, shrimp and lobster can also be used.


Food (other); International dishes

Neta is a Japanese cuisine term used to describe the topping on sushi. Its component is 'shari', vinegared rice on which neta is placed.

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