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Animals; Animals

A young deer is named as fawn which can run with very high speed and posses beautiful eyes.


Animals; Animals

A member of the group of mammals that gnaw or nibble using a pair of large front teeth.Rats, mice, guinea pigs, squirrels, and beavers are types of rodents.


Animals; Animals

A horn like growth on the head of deer, moose or other similar animals. Antlers often have one or more branches and usually grow only on males.


Animals; Animals

A tiny living thing made up of a single cell and is only visible with a microscope.They constantly change their shape and are members of Protozoans.


Animals; Animals

Tiny hair like parts that are found in the cells of some animals and in some one celled organisms. Paramecium use cilia to move about.


Animals; Animals

An animal belong to the phylum Chordata, which includes all vertebrates.


Animals; Animals

Introduced to a region by humans, either on purpose or by accident.Dandelion, pigeons, and horses are species that are alien to North America but now live naturally throughout the continent.

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