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Belly dance

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Belly dance


Dance; Belly dance

This is an Arabic musical rhythm, and can also be called Masmoudi Saghir which means "little masmoudi".


Dance; Belly dance

In Arabic music, this refers to free, non-rhythmic singing. It's a vocal improvisation that sounds melancholy.


Dance; Belly dance

In traditional Arabic music, this refers to the question-and-answer that goes back and forth between a melody instrument and a drummer.


Dance; Belly dance

Used by belly dancers to refer to the style of music and dance from the Persian Gulf/Arabian peninsula area Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, and Oman.


Dance; Belly dance

This is a musical instrument, common in Turkey and Arabic countries, which somewhat resembles an autoharp. Its wooden frame is designed to lie flat on a surface such as a table or the performer's ...


Dance; Belly dance

This basically refers to a party. A private hafla thrown by a belly dancer usually involves Middle Eastern music (sometimes live musicians jamming, sometimes just taped music), dancers taking turns ...


Dance; Belly dance

Finger cymbals in Turkish. Called sagat in Arabic. However, it is normal for the Turkish term to be used. (Turkish & Persian terms for music, French for dance)

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