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Dance; Choreography

A two part compositional form with an A theme and a B theme. The binary form consists of two distinct self-contained sections that share either a character or quality, i.e.,the same tempo, movement ...


Dance; Choreography

A three-part compositional form in which the second section contrasts with the first section. The third section is a restatement of the first section in a condensed, abbreviated,or extended form.


Dance; Choreography

The art of designing sequences of movements in which motion, form, or both are specified.


Dance; Choreography

The Instrument of dance, the positions and ways the body is used in a dance.

art form

Dance; Choreography

The shape and structure of fine arts activity, the origin of the components comprising a work of art in to a distinct order; a product or process of dance, music, theater, or visual art.

audience etiquette

Dance; Choreography

Prescribed or accepted behavior among the members of a group; accepted audience behavior for dance performance.

awareness of space

Dance; Choreography

The ability to know the location of self and others on stage; the ability to dance while maintaining the formation or line dictated by the choreography.

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