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selective gear rules

Sports; Fishing

Restrictions governing the types of fishing gears that can be used for sports fishing in certain rivers and lakes. For example, some states allow only unscented artificial flies or lures with one, ...


Sports; Fishing

Hooking a fish in a way that does not involve the fish voluntarily taking the hook in its mouth. In freshwater fishing, it is illegal to possess a fish hooked anywhere other than inside the mouth or ...

food fish

Sports; Fishing

Fish species that are harvested in commercial fisheries, although recreational fishers harvest them as well. Food fish include salmon, sturgeon, halibut, tuna, shad, mackerel, common carp and forage ...

jack salmon

Sports; Fishing

Salmon that return to rivers and streams at a younger age than most of their species. In freshwater, a jack salmon is defined as a chinook salmon less than 24 inches in length or a coho salmon less ...

hatchery salmon

Sports; Fishing

Hatchery salmon are chinook or coho salmon raised in a hatchery, instead of naturally spawned. To identify them as hatchery fish, the adipose fin is often removed when they are juvenile fish. Fishers ...

daily limit

Sports; Fishing

The maximum number of fish or shellfish of a given species and size that a person may legally keep in a single day.


Sports; Fishing

Also known as recreational fishing, sportfishing refers to fishing activity that is not conducted for commercial sale of the catch.

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