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Marketing communications

Of or related to the coordination of a single advertisement delivered through one or more channels such as print, radio, television, direct mail, and personal selling etc.

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Marketing communications

unique selling proposition

Advertising; Marketing communications

An advertising approach developed by Rosser Reeves which is designed to make the product the focus of the advertising message by identifying a unique aspect, attribute or benefit.

tracking study

Advertising; Marketing communications

A market research technique which analyses consumer response and buying behaviour over an extended period of time.

trade allowances

Advertising; Marketing communications

Sums of money negotiated by manufacturers with distribution channels in return for the carrying out of certain functions or activities.


Advertising; Marketing communications

A form of personal selling in which the communications process is conducted via the telephone.

target marketing

Advertising; Marketing communications

The selection of specific market segments at which to aim marketing or marketing communications.

target audience

Advertising; Marketing communications

The identification of a group of potential consumers who have specific characteristics in common.


Advertising; Marketing communications

A sales promotion technique in which the consumer is offered a chance to win a prize. To satisfy legal requirements, such promotions are rarely based on a purchase requirement.

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