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Marketing communications

Of or related to the coordination of a single advertisement delivered through one or more channels such as print, radio, television, direct mail, and personal selling etc.

Contributors in Marketing communications

Marketing communications

advertising manager

Advertising; Marketing communications

The person within a company or organization who is responsible for the development and co-ordination of advertising activities.

advertising campaign

Advertising; Marketing communications

The development of a series of advertisements placed in one or more media in order to communicate a proposition to a designated target audience.

above the line

Advertising; Marketing communications

Any paid form of advertising (television, press, radio, cinema, posters) on which commission is paid by the media to the agency.

account executive

Advertising; Marketing communications

The person within the advertising agency responsible for the administration of a client’s business.

account planner

Advertising; Marketing communications

The advertising function which seeks to develop an understanding of the consumer’s relationship with the brand in order to brief creative development.

a classification of residential neighbourhoods (ACORN)

Advertising; Marketing communications

ACORN enables consumers to be classified on the basis of the area of residence.

advertising appeal

Advertising; Marketing communications

The particular approach, based on rational or emotional arguments, which seeks to develop a direct link between the product or service and the consumer’s needs or wants.

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