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Television advertising

Of or pertaining to any span of television programming (usually called commercial or advert) produced and paid for by an organisation for advertising purposes.

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Television advertising

avail (availability)

Advertising; Television advertising

A break within normal network programming allotted to a local cable system for insertion of local commercials.

avail code

Advertising; Television advertising

A code assigned to a program or time period for placing commercials on a log and for keeping track of the number of commercials available to sell for TV advertising.

basic cable

Advertising; Television advertising

Cable TV channels that are typically packaged and made available to a wide number of subscribing households. Basic channels usually are advertiser-supported.

cable original

Advertising; Television advertising

A program, such as a movie or series that is originally produced and premiered by a cable network. The quality of cable originals has led to a dramatic shift in audience to cable and opened up ...

cable system

Advertising; Television advertising

The local operation that distributes cable TV channels, usually over a combination of fiber optic and coaxial wires, to subscribing households.


Advertising; Television advertising

The turnover of cable television subscribers due to disconnects and/or new subscribers.

community antenna television/cable television CATV

Advertising; Television advertising

TV sets are connected by a wired transmission system provided by a cable operator serving multiple premises.

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