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Television advertising

Of or pertaining to any span of television programming (usually called commercial or advert) produced and paid for by an organisation for advertising purposes.

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Television advertising

cost per person (CPP)

Advertising; Television advertising

This number describes the relationship between the cost of a television commercial and the estimated number of people or households who view it for TV advertising.

cost per thousand (CPM)

Advertising; Television advertising

The cost of advertising per thousand potential customers reached by a given broadcast advertisement for tv advertising.

coverage area

Advertising; Television advertising

The geographic territory in which a cable system distributes commercials.

cumulative audience

Advertising; Television advertising

A research term describing the unduplicated audience for a television program or commercial over multiple airings. In cumulative audience figures, an individual is counted only once.

digital cable

Advertising; Television advertising

A collection of channels, typically distributed to subscribers as an add-on package, which are transmitted initially in the form of binary code and used to enhance cable TV service and/or two-way ...

digital television (DTV)

Advertising; Television advertising

Encompasses HDTV, or high-definition television, which is a set of standards for video and audio-signal quality.

direct broadcast satellite (DBS)

Advertising; Television advertising

A service that transmits satellite signals directly to a home through the viewer's own earth station rather than a cable system. DirecTV is an example of a DBS service.

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