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Test equipment

high-pass filter

Semiconductors; Test equipment

(1) A math operation that emphasizes details in an image. (2) A circuit that attenuates low-frequency components in an analog signal.


Semiconductors; Test equipment

(1) A signal that includes positive and negative values. (2) A type of semiconductor.


Semiconductors; Test equipment

(1) An electrically neutral wire that has the same potential as the surrounding earth. Normally, a non-current-carrying circuit intended for safety. (2) A common reference point for an electrical ...

low-pass filter

Semiconductors; Test equipment

(1) An operation that blurs details in an image. (2) A circuit that attenuates the high-frequency components in an analog signal.

electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)

Semiconductors; Test equipment

(1) The ability of electronic equipment to operate in an intended electromagnetic environment without degradation caused by interference. (2) The ability of equipment to operate in its ...


Semiconductors; Test equipment

(1) The fundamental picture element in a digital image. (2) The coordinate unit used to define the horizontal location of a pixel in an image. ("Pixel" is an acronym for "picture element.")

noise floor

Semiconductors; Test equipment

(1) The level below which no information can be obtained from a signal. A signal that occurs below a noise floor is permanently lost. (2)The minimum discernible signal that can be detected by a ...

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