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Test equipment

certificate of conformance (COC)

Semiconductors; Test equipment

A contractor's written statement, when authorized by contract, certifying that supplies or services are in conformance with contract requirements.

chip-On-chip (COC)

Semiconductors; Test equipment

A process in which unpackaged integrated circuits are mounted on top of each other. Each die is very thin and it is possible to have over a hundred die forming a 3D cube

chip-On-flex (COF)

Semiconductors; Test equipment

Similar to chip-on-board (COC), except that the unpackaged integrated circuits are attached to a flexible printed circuit.

cost of poor quality (COPQ)

Semiconductors; Test equipment

The total cost of repair, rework, scrap, service calls, warranty claims and write-offs from obsolete finished goods as a percentage of annual sales. Experts have estimated that COPQ typically amounts ...

certificate of quality compliance (COQC)

Semiconductors; Test equipment

A contractor's certification that provides specific detailed information and objective evidence that material offered for acceptance meets all contract and specification requirements.

commercial off-the-shelf (COTS)

Semiconductors; Test equipment

Equipment readily available commercially and one that was not developed for a particular custom application (such as military).

complex programmable logic device (CPLD)

Semiconductors; Test equipment

A programmable IC which is more complex than the original Programmable Logic Devices such as AMD's (originally MMI's) PALs but somewhat less complex than Field Programmable Logic Arrays.

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