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A form of marketing that aims to persuade an audience to feel a certain way about products and services.

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brand image

Marketing; Advertising

The perception of your product or your brand by the consumer.

brand manager

Marketing; Advertising

Person who has marketing responsibilities to develop and execute marketing programs that increase brand identity and awareness for a specific product.

business-to-business advertising

Marketing; Advertising

Advertising directed to other businesses, rather than to consumers.

advertising allowance

Marketing; Advertising

Money provided by a manufacturer to a distributor for the purpose of advertising a specific product or brand. See also,Cooperative advertising.


Marketing; Advertising

loyalty to a brand or company

marketing mix

Marketing; Advertising

A set of business tools to market the products. It includes the traditional 4 Ps and the 7 Ps.

Brand Image

Marketing; Advertising

The customer’s net “out-take” from the brand. For users this is based on practical experience of the product or service concerned (informed impressions) and how well this meets expectations; for ...

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