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Billboard advertising

Any advertising done using an outdoor poster or sign that one usually sees on motorways, main streets, and in busy public areas.

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Billboard advertising


Advertising; Billboard advertising

A large outdoor advertising structure.


Advertising; Billboard advertising

A static display screen on an LED display, or a metal attachment around the edges of a poster face.


Advertising; Billboard advertising

The distance in a periodic wave between two points of corresponding phases. The LED's wavelength determines its color.


Advertising; Billboard advertising

A single-sheet substrate on which an advertising message is rendered by computer production. Vinyl is primarily used on the face of bulletins & Premiere products.


Advertising; Billboard advertising

The reasonable opportunities for advertising to be seen and read.


Advertising; Billboard advertising

A visual effect used on an LED display to change from one message to another.

environmentally controlled

Advertising; Billboard advertising

Billboard structures that use electronic or computerized equipment are often fitted with equipment such as air-conditioning or environmental seals that can eliminate water and wind intrusion ,and ...

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