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Billboard advertising

Any advertising done using an outdoor poster or sign that one usually sees on motorways, main streets, and in busy public areas.

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Billboard advertising


Advertising; Billboard advertising

The term refers to any form of media that carries advertising messages to consumer audiences outside the home. Outdoor products are divided among four primary categories: billboards, street ...

ooh - out of home

Advertising; Billboard advertising

All advertising specifically intended to reach consumers outside the home.

outdoor advertising association of america (oaaa)

Advertising; Billboard advertising

Founded in 1891, the OAAA is the national trade association that represents and supports out-of-home media operators, suppliers, affiliates and international members.

overhead lighting (mobile)

Advertising; Billboard advertising

An industry standard means of lighting a billboard copy area that uses multiple overhead lights attached to the vehicle structure and allows the poster ad area to be viewed in low-light conditions.


Advertising; Billboard advertising

The continuation of an outdoor advertising program beyond a contracted period. An override, if offered by an outdoor company, is provided at no additional cost to an advertiser.

permanent bulletin

Advertising; Billboard advertising

A bulletin that remains permanently located at a specified site throughout the term of a contract, usually for long periods. A permanent bulletin program can build strong brand recognition in ...


Advertising; Billboard advertising

All the outdoor advertising units in a market that are operated by a single company. Sometimes the term refers to the outdoor company itself.

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