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Billboard advertising

Any advertising done using an outdoor poster or sign that one usually sees on motorways, main streets, and in busy public areas.

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Billboard advertising

line of sight

Advertising; Billboard advertising

The simultaneous viewing of more than one outdoor unit.

light detector

Advertising; Billboard advertising

Also called light sensor. An electrical component used to detect the amount or level of ambient light surrounding a display. If dimming has been set to "AUTO," the light detector or sensor adjusts ...

location list

Advertising; Billboard advertising

A listing of all locations included in a specific outdoor program.


Advertising; Billboard advertising

A lighting fixture designed to hold fluorescent lamps. They are featured prominently throughout commercial and industrial complexes, and are powered by a transformer inside the housing. They house ...

mall displays

Advertising; Billboard advertising

Backlit advertising structure located at strategic points in shopping malls; usually two or three-sided.

media audit

Advertising; Billboard advertising

A provider of syndicated local market consumer data, measuring most major U.S. DMA’s. Categories surveyed are consumer retail shopping behavior, product consumption, media usage, lifestyles behavior ...

municipal energy programs

Advertising; Billboard advertising

Kickbacks and various incentives offered by city governments to businesses reducing energy consumption through various means, including upgraded outdoor lighting and use of low energy “green” ...

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