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Billboard advertising

Any advertising done using an outdoor poster or sign that one usually sees on motorways, main streets, and in busy public areas.

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Billboard advertising

poster panel

Advertising; Billboard advertising

An outdoor unit that can accommodate 30-sheet or 8-sheet poster displays.


Advertising; Billboard advertising

Photoelectric cell; the light-sensitive component within a photosensor. The actual device might be a photodiode, a phototransistor, or a photoconductive cell. It is important to make a distinction ...

posting date

Advertising; Billboard advertising

The date when a poster program is scheduled to commence. A five day leeway is customary.

posting instructions

Advertising; Billboard advertising

Detailed directions provided to an outdoor company by an advertiser or agency assigning specific copy to specific locations.

posting window

Advertising; Billboard advertising

A window of five working days after a scheduled posting date in which all contracted locations can be posted without penalty.

premiere panel

Advertising; Billboard advertising

A standardized display format, typically measuring 12’ 3" x 24’ 6" in overall size. Premiere panel units offer the impact of a bulletin by utilizing a single vinyl face stretched over a standard ...

premiere square

Advertising; Billboard advertising

A standardized display format, typically measuring 25’ 5" x 24’ 6" in overall size. The premiere square utilizes a single vinyl stretched over two stacked 30-sheet poster panels. In some markets, ...

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