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Radio advertising

Any advertisment that is broadcast vocally via radio; usually either spoken or sung as a jingle.

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Radio advertising


Advertising; Radio advertising

The average number of times the same person will hear a commercial.


Advertising; Radio advertising

Refers to creating a schedule that tends to place more commercials on days of the week that have less demand.

gross impressions (GIs)

Advertising; Radio advertising

The sum of the average quarter-hour persons (AQH) audience for all commercials in a given schedule. The total number of times a commercial will be heard over the course of a schedule.

gross rating points (GRPs)

Advertising; Radio advertising

The sum of all rating points achieved for a particular commercial schedule.

live read

Advertising; Radio advertising

A commercial announcement that is read live on-air by a station personality. This can be a particularly effective way of connecting your brand to a loyal community of listeners.

local marketing agreement (LMA)

Advertising; Radio advertising

An arrangement where one station or owner takes sales responsibility for the commercial time on another station that it does not own.

net reach

Advertising; Radio advertising

The number of different people that will hear the commercial at least one time.

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