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Radio advertising

Any advertisment that is broadcast vocally via radio; usually either spoken or sung as a jingle.

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Radio advertising


Advertising; Radio advertising

The number of different people that will hear the commercial at least one time. This is a very important marketing measurement as marketers want to reach as many audiences as possible.


Advertising; Radio advertising

The distribution of commercials across a section of days and hours within the purchased time period.

run of schedule (ROS)

Advertising; Radio advertising

Commercials scheduled to run across multiple dayparts and multiple days. Usually Monday-Friday, 6am-12Mid.


Advertising; Radio advertising

When two or more Radio stations broadcast the same programs and same commercials at the same times.


Advertising; Radio advertising

The purchase by an advertiser of a a unique right of association with a radio program or specific feature. The message is similar to a mention, but typically comes with a longer-term commitment with ...

top-of-mind-awareness (TOMA)

Advertising; Radio advertising

Achieving a high level of recognition with a specific audience.

total audience plan (TAP)

Advertising; Radio advertising

An advertising schedule that places ads in a pattern that utilizes all station dayparts for maximum station audience exposure.

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