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Practice Wars

Literature; Fiction

Military exercises undertaken every three Veran years by the Guardians, using medium-tech weapons and often including space-based actions. The Practice Wars last for half a year (sometimes more) and ...

preserves; preserved areas

Literature; Fiction

Areas within Veran not chartered for human habitation. Roads may run through them, and limited hunting/gathering activities permitted by the Chancels, but no agriculture, extraction, or habitation. ...


Literature; Fiction

A large House Minor in Gallyvaran Pass, on the west side of the Pass among the broad, rolling foothills north of the Traaki Citadel.

Ra'anir Valley

Literature; Fiction

A valley in the Lake District, famous for its high-quality shal crop.


Literature; Fiction

Quasi-military force charged with policing Chancel dictates under the Great Charter, but ultimately responsible to the Lady of Veran. Primary duties include "ranging" the preserved areas to prevent ...

Red Cliffs

Literature; Fiction

A region in the southwest of the northern continent that abuts the south end of the Sunset Mountains, heavily settled, home to an important House Minor of the Drymarch, a Chancel, and many towns and ...


Literature; Fiction

An yrvan of the lower northern Vallars, preferred forage for a number of omnivorous chindi of the region. It reproduces by flinging off the nodules of the mature plant form, which then feed on buried ...

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